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Commercial / Store Fronts

he storefront of your business is one of the first things a potential customer would notice, and we offer storefront door or window replacement in Kearney, Elm Creek, Amherst, Riverdale, Shelton, Gibbon, Buffalo or Kearney Counties in order to help another local business operate fluidly. Since a storefront window could attract or repulse a customer, it is important to keep this part of your business in tip-top shape. No matter what may have happened to your window, be it vandalism, bad weather, or just a scratch or chip from old age and use, we can repair the damage dealt to your storefront door or window.

In the event that you need us to come out over night, we can also do this. We offer emergency replacement in order to give the peace of mind that a properly enclosed business offers. No matter what sort of damage the business has incurred, we are standing by 24 hours a day to replace it. We offer easy estimates, so we can give you an accurate assessment of estimated cost of repair. If you need service from Tri-County Glass storefront door or window replacement, help is just a phone call away when you call 308-237-4955 .

Storefront Glass Repair In Kearney, Elm Creek, Amherst, Riverdale, Shelton, Gibbon, Buffalo or Kearney Counties – You can call us 24 hours a day to fix any storefront door or window. If you have a break in and need our help, just give us a ring and we will get the information we need from you.

Repair And Installation Of Entrance Doors – If your door happens to get broken by accident or act of vandalism, just give us a call and we will get you up and going in no time. Fixing a glass door is something that needs to be done fast and safely, and Tri-County Glass can do it professionally.

Glass work done by Tri-County Glass Inc. | University of NE Curtis Vet Tech Building

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If you need immediate glass repair or replacement help – whether it’s a cracked window, broken auto glass, or smashed storefront